Sunday, October 14, 2012

PaD #14 - makes me laugh

I decided to take a break today and post this photo by an uncredited white house photographer, because it makes me laugh...

(for those of you who may not know, that is Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T's lap at the White House Christmas party, and kissing his forehead for the gift of a Mr. T action figure...even though I don't celebrate Christmas, this picture gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling ♥)

Photo a day


  1. Mama, I needed a laugh to shake off the jitters of the coming plane ride to CA Thursday. This picture is only topped by the one of Nixon presenting Elvis with an honorary Secret Service badge or some such nonsense. Thank God we can laugh, right?! (I used to smoke pot with Nancy's daughter Patti, who had excellent homegrown!!) Peace, Amy

    1. hey, hope you had a great trip! haha - that's right, Elvis was some sort of 'special' DEA informant or something! toking with Patti Reagan...before or after her folks were in the White House? before, I might not think much of it, but after I may consider a bit surreal, though I could imagine the quality would be stellar...


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