Monday, March 11, 2013

annual moving entry...


changed the name of my etsy shop (took longer than I would have thought), designed and posted a new banner (and have this great new business card idea),

                                                                                  checked out a few avenues to sell photos on the internet and began that process, found this great eco-dish-scrubby online, designed a flyer inviting people to my first sacred photo session, outlined the 8-week workshop, compiled an equipment list, began to catalog the prints I'm going to offer for sale, and started packing my house to move.  finally got the cat fixed,

opened a new bank account because my bank of 15 years left town, started the process of getting my direct deposit switched over, shipped an Etsy order for my kid's chapbook (^_^),

                                                                                     and kept my household running smoothly.


packed boxes, took the kid to play practice, visited with a friend, did laundry, picked the kid up and went to the 1st - 3rd grade's art opening at a local gallery with his buddies from the play, then went back to one of their houses to hang out and visit.


packed boxes.  planned food/clothing/bathing needs for the next few days so the transition is as smooth as possible.  39 hours 'til the lease-signing, just want to be there already.  sure, who wouldn't want to avoid the heavy lifting, sweaty, grunting, knocking about part, but my constant moving is probably the only real exercise I get.  my annual cardio and weight-training regime - moving all my furniture and ephemera from one place to another.  there's so much to do over the next couple of days, and I'll probably have to be dis-connected during at least some portion of it.  how will I survive?!  well, see you all in the new place, I guess ~

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


this is my box of 'photo stuff'.  it lives in the closet.

in this box can be found notes/references/resources, some Kodak Polycontrast III RC black & white paper, a box of Arista classic VC fiber paper, the remnants of a past group show, the portfolio I put together sometime in the '90's, a study from a solo show, three binders full of negatives and prints, developing tank, lupe, a couple of boxes of Arista 400 medium format film, a few of said negatives, and a half-finished photo-book.

in looking at my next project, it feels quite like my last project - Nexus of Ecstasy - where I finally condensed my earlier scribblings and sketches into one book (the loose ends of which are still waiting to be ritually burned).  the project that is growing from Nexus requires me to create images, and in order to do that I need to re-engage with my photography, so...I thought I'd open the box (insert Pandora reference here). since I got such lovely and positive feedback on that old 'snow tires' photo of mine on here, I thought I'd share the journey in...

as Julie Andrews sings, "Let's start at the very beginning...a very good start," in my head, the first question I asked myself was whether or not I thought I needed to use watermarks, and decided that I did not.  excellent.  problem handled, moving on. now I need to figure out how to give people the option to purchase an image and/or book of mine, if they like.  of course, people should always feel free to just mail me money, too, that always works.

so I think I'm just going to post the photos as they happened, and see what kind of feedback I get while I work out how best to market them.  suggestions, support, and love are always welcome.  cheers!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

wordle 98


hello again...haven't been by the wordle in a while, but remembered it was Sunday, so I stopped in to see.  since the words were lifted from Sherman Alexie, who is one of my favorite writers, I figured it was a moment I should embrace.

first instant snare ride gasps dust slap blue unbalance deserves wings blessed

the vibration   increases   in intensity

snared   in that first instant

when the dust from the ride envelopes you   in a cloud of haze

that has you


          til you're blue

entering   unbalanced and giddy

this blessed gathering

reminding me   how we deserve   our wings

just a short little nothing to dip my toes back in, get some momentum going.  hope everyone out in wordle-land is fine and fabulous, and I look forward to reading your pieces!