Sunday, September 13, 2009

Summer Stock - The Last

Well, nothing says Summer's over like the first day of school! Here's my shot of the boy getting off the bus after his first day of Kindergarten - I didn't get a shot of him getting on the bus, I was too busy making sure he got on o.k., and holding back all my crazy mama feelings! I was bracing for the worst - clinging to my leg, screaming, crying, a big scene - but he climbed right up those steps, said, "Bye Mom!" and he was gone. I got a little choked up (I'm not an emotional chick) but that was a bit of a shock! I was proud and scared and happy and sad, and I wanted to sit right there and just wait for him to come home rather than go to work, but I got through it o.k.. At least now, I actually get to work on time, and I'm saving lots of money not paying for daycare anymore, or driving to and from daycare to drop off and pick up every morning and every afternoon! He gets on the bus, and I walk up the street to work! In the afternoon, he gets dropped off at the Orchard, and we walk home together. Bonus!

I haven't checked in in awhile as it's busy season at the Orchard, and I come home so tired that all I want to do is go straight to bed, but obviously, we have to do the homework and dinner routine, bathtime, and set up for the morning so we can get out on time. I'm getting used to the routine, and in some ways, things seem a bit easier, more defined. Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this Mommy thing after all...although, as of now, we have no after-school commitments, but that will change as I may decide to sign us up for a martial arts class twice a week. I think it's important to keep the kid active, and I trained for years back in the day, and I think it may be just what I need to get my lovely round behind back into shape! See, I'm not a saggy fat chick, I'm a curvy, solid fat chick (thank god!), but I really need a lot more energy to keep me going. We eat well, but I get no exercise other than running back and forth through the store all day, or lifting heavy things (50 lb. bags of potatoes and onions, gallons of cider, crates of apples, etc.).

I had lots of things on the 'to do' list this weekend, but I spent most of it in bed watching movies, recovering from a super busy 14+ day run - I've been flat out since the end of August, with work and school, and weekend commitments, places to be and things to do every day after work, and I'm just beat. I found homes for the mama cat and three of the four kittens, and I'll miss them, but I'm also happy to be reclaiming my house! It was nice to have them, but I'm looking forward to having just the one to deal with, and to mop my floors! They do make kind of a mess, cute as they are. We'll be keeping the first-born, Mr. Spats Gatsby, as we've been calling him, a little black kitty with white feet and white tuxedo-like markings on his neck and belly. I'll post some pics as I get to it...Mama cat, Kaia, went back to the BF where she originally came from, and she seems a bit depressed, but I'm hoping she'll cheer up soon enough. One little kitty went to a customer of mine at the orchard, and one went to my boss's sister. So I know they're in good hands, and that finding a home for #3 (as we've been calling her) won't be too far away!

So, there's the run-down. Work is balls to the wall, the boy is doing great (if a bit bored, he's so smart) in Kindergarten, the BF is always the same (not even trying to find work, spending every dollar that comes into his hands on beer and cigarettes), and not a guy to date in sight! I opened a few more boxes, put a few more things on shelves or hung them from the ceiling, and I'm looking forward to being totally unpacked sometime this month. Next home improvement project is to paint the kitchen, and then the place will feel clean. Really truly clean, like bust out the sage, and call it mine, finally. Things are settling into place - my greatest fear realized. But hey, I'm sure I'll find some kind of chaos or other to play with once everything is where I need it to be, I promise! 'Till next time - may all your endeavors be fruitful!