Monday, October 8, 2012

PaD #7 - light

only an hour late on this one, and nothing epic to boot, but I'm okay with that, because I had other priorities today. here's what I came up with, though -

ha!  it's the flash blowing out the mirror while trying to take a picture of myself!  too much light!

here's the kitten in the sunlight, getting ready to pounce at me (I got the shot, and while amusing, it's not that great, so I skipped it in favor of -

aww!  I caught him with his little tongue sticking out, and he's still in the light, so I used it!  ohmygod, he's so cute, I can't stand it...

and here's a seasonally appropriate creepy image I altered from another flash-blown mirror shot where the inverted colors make the light source seem a profound emptiness, and the eyes appear blindly devoid of...anything.  weird.

well, you know me, no light without dark, so I like to balance all the sunshine and kittens with blech...but that's all I've got for the evening, so - see you tomorrow, loves! ♥  

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