Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Laundry Day

Moon Washing

playing with electronic controls

Pond Scum, Algae, Seaweed, Muck.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Too long, too long, in the same position, in the same room.  Need to open all the windows, let in the Spring, but alas, she is still a promise on the lips the Sun is pressing against my window.  Still too cold for all that.  Need to go out, to do daily little life-type things, have been too long right HERE.  Been icky sick, just wanted to lay down and sleep for three days and forget the kid...yeah right.  But a good draught of Mom's chicken soup  has me in an 'o.k., let's pick up this mess, and get back on track!' kinda mood.  There's the get up go life-type things, yes, but there's papers to write and commitments to attend to...hmm.

Oh, it's tax time!  I love tax time - because I'm so poor, I get LOTS of money!  Is that rude to say?  Who's reading this, anyway?  Robin?  Mark?  Who cares, it's the truth.  I'll probably get about $6000 this year, yay.  WHAT should I DO with it?  It's so much money for a person like me - I go through this every year, it's like winning the lottery.  I think to myself, "O.k..  I have a pile of money RIGHT NOW.  It's NOT going to last.  Do I pay 5 months rent up front?  Or get a new (used) car?  I see some photo equipment and a trip to the book store in my future, too..."  This is when a financial consultant would be really useful, someone who can tell me how to get the most out of my windfall - to parlay my leverage into a mutual intrest split-atom percentage bearing fuzz-chuzzle, so I don't have to worry about college because I live in a section of the non-profit farming cooperative I helped found with the support of the rich weirdo underwriter-takers.  So I'm set, you see?  All with my $6000 tax return.  Yessiree.

Too haste, the day is wasting!  It's 10am, but I'm having fun, and isn't that the point?  We're both out of underwear, and there's no milk, and I have to go verify my identity with the state, and I have to stretch, and oh yeah I was going to finish my degree so it might be nice to do some work towards that goal, and I have 3 or 4 pages of writing exercises to get through, and 5 library books to read, and Zack needs a ride later, and and and....

I just really needed to check in with myself, first.  Nice to see you, me!  Have a great day!  : )