Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Sunday Whirl #78

the excuses

     left over from childhood
find me where I stand 

vowed to go deeper

     as the shifts in my perception

echoed like thunder

I struggle to become

    to inherit my own light

and join with the umbrella

     of the Sun



  1. The hope at the end shines brightly. I love "the umbrella of the Sun..."

  2. Those darned excuses seem to ferret us out, don't they? And yet, there is the promise of inheriting our own light that keeps us going...

    This is a delightful Sunday morning read!

  3. Ah, those excuses from childhood manage to surface again when we are adults, don't they? Perhaps in a slightly different form. I like the concept of inheriting your own light and joining with the umbrella of the sun!

    1. parenting my own child has given me much cause to reflect on my upbringing, and an opportunity to remember who I meant to be : )

  4. Your poem is far more positive than mine. I resonated very strongly with your line about inheriting my own light. What a fantastic concept and image you reveal. Beautifully written,


  5. I like umbrella of the sun. Nice work.

  6. "I struggle to become/to inherit my own light..." First time here, thanks to your visit to my blog, and I have to say, I haven't seen the Wordle yet today, but this is obviously a lovely use of the words. This self-examination is probably as useful for you in meditation as it is for us reading it!

    Peace, and thanks again, Amy

    1. yes, it was cleansing to write - thanks for visiting!


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