Monday, October 8, 2012

PaD #8 - angle

while looking through my archives for something fun to do for angle, I noticed that some of the interesting shapes I have pictures of vaguely resemble each other. - the first one is a sketch from one of my late '80s, early '90s notebooks that I call 'tektroptiks'.

this is a structure/shape/form that my son built just over a year ago using a Zometool modeling set that belongs to a friend of ours.

a few months later, I took this picture of my son climbing on a play-structure at a local playground.

and while the rounded structure/form/shape of this sweat lodge I participated in this past Spring doesn't quite match the triangular/pyramidal architecture of the others, I felt it bore inclusion, along with a link to a post in which I featured some of my son's other creations made with modeling/building/constructive play sets that show even more examples of nifty angles!

click the link, and come play!

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