Thursday, October 4, 2012

PaD #4 - What I read

okay, a few things...first of all, I love books.  second of all, I want to say 'this is the meme I've been waiting for', while expressing how much I dislike the term 'meme', and admitting that I don't know how to pronounce it (I thought it was me-me, but then I heard someone say meem).  the reason I'm so happy about doing it is that it finally gave me the push I needed to figure out how to make a collage!  I have no idea if I did it 'right', or if I did it the way most people would do it, or if how I did it is so fucked up and wrong it would have computer folks snorting in their ironic beverages over me...but the point is, I did it!  I inserted 6 different pictures into a draw program, squished them 'til they fit, and saved the whole file as a dot png file (whatever that is) over in my pictures...then, voila!  uploaded it here!  I am proud of me.  the things I can accomplish while wasted at 3am.  hooray for manic moments ~ amen.

a diverse selection; or oddly limited/limiting?

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