Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Astrological Writing Prompt

sometime in September, I copied this link and writing prompt from a post by luna luna magazine, shared by a friend on facebook:

Aquarius writing prompt:
"Can you operate deep underground?  Can you burrow into the murky waters of fear and love and want?  What happens when you get naked and sit in the garden of your dark?  When you don’t have a bird’s-eye view, when you comeinrealcloselikethis?  Can you feel the granules?  What do they feel like?"



under the ground

where I live

     there is no sound

slithering deep

     through the

          murky and dark

I search for my loves,

     my fears

and my wants.

alone in my garden

naked in shadow

planting my bones

up to the marrow

     feeling each grain,

each bit of soil

     eat at my skin

from this mortal coil

it feels like an ending,

     but we've only begun

to die into rebirth

     and slowly become

gristle and chaw,

     pulp and quagmire

          morass and sludge

ooze muck and perspire

thoughts and ideas

     become seeds

bursting fertile

growing in fullness

     to thrive

          and beguile

it all stinks of life

     and of death, and

of birth

and sometimes I can't

     figure out what it's worth

all the tiresome




while heaven is waiting

     for this ride to


there.  how's that?  check your horoscope prompt, and see what You come up with!

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