Saturday, July 28, 2012

PaD #28: cup

I used to work at a glassblowing studio...

sexy pulled stems!

these are the two cups I made while working there - I made the one on the left first, but felt the apprentice had helped me more than was necessary, so I tried another, the one on the right. while I use the one on the left for wine or liquor, the one on the right is our toothbrush holder...

here's why:

a cup and dish I've had all my life, engraved with my name and birthdate.

and my all-time favorite, the hand-thrown mug I picked up at an art fair just before leaving home for my freshman year of college (egads, 25 years ago already?!?) from a potter I knew from working at the Renaissance Festival.  after I told him I was going to college to study ceramics, he offered me an internship. to this day, I wish I had taken him up on that offer, but my mother dragged me away from his booth, snarling, "we've already mailed the check, you're GOING!"  in an alternate reality, I took him up on it!

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