Monday, July 23, 2012

PaD #22: upside down

just for the record, I do not endorse this product. In fact, I think it's one of the most insidious and evil condiments out there due to its GMO tomato concentrate, distilled vinegar, mercury contaminated high fructose corn syrup, more GMO corn syrup, overly-processed salt, 'spice' (whatever that may be), onion powder, and 'natural flavors' (read:  monosodium glutamate).  personally, I only sparingly use an organic ketchup that contains tomato paste, distilled white vinegar, water, cane sugar, sea salt, onion, allspice, and clove.  unfortunately, my son and his grandmother have 'scheduled visits' once a month, and she's gotten him into the habit of choosing one of those chain restaurants where there's naught a healthy item on the menu, and I tend to wonder how far the lettuce in my Caesar salad had to travel to get to me (let alone what it may have been sprayed with), to be drowned under the god-knows-what-they put-in-this dressing.  it feels somehow blasphemous to eat frankenfood when I happen to have a healthy stock of  organic romaine goodness growing on my porch at home - but a free meal is a free meal, right? and I'm not the kind of mom who won't allow my child some joy in life by over-policing what he puts in his mouth - we eat healthy 90% of the time, and one bowl of white pasta a month is not going to destroy all my efforts on his part.  anyway, the point is, we were at said chain-restaurant when I snapped this pic for today's post, and my son had originally set the bottle down the other way...I said, 'technically, that's right side up,' so he turned it over for me.  do you remember when this used to be 'right side up' for most bottles?  well, according to the label, it's now upside down!

of course, no photo blog post is complete without a pic of the boy, as he's the only other person in my daily reality...

and oh, my goodness, what is this?  could it be the newest addition to our family?  why yes it is - dear readers, meet Otaka (the boy named him after the wizard Ged's otak familiar from A Wizard of Earthsea, by Ursula LeGuin)!  Petey (our older boy) is less than thrilled about 'the intruder' but he's getting used to the little ball of fluff, and I have high hopes that someday, they will be the best of friends (fingers crossed!).

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