Monday, December 17, 2012

WARNING: Explicit Content (danger...turn back.)

(blood, nudity, sex, profanity, body've been warned.)

sleeping on someones' couch...a grandmother's, his or mine, I don't know.  had there been a funeral?  was one impending?  curled up under the arm of my man, no one I know...he seemed older, edgy.  in the morning, he was gone, and I realized I had gotten my period during the night, and that I wasn't wearing any pants.  grandma was still asleep on the chair, but there were two young children beside her, one half-waking, the other awake.  I picked up a pair of sweats from the floor in front of me, and pull them up as I stand, dropping the blankets away, and glance towards the children to see if they notice, but the girl is curling back up to grandma to catch a few more winks, and the boy is looking away with his hand over his eyes.  hey, I did my best, and a glancing view of my ass won't damage anyone severely, I think, as I make my way to the bathroom to clean myself up, hoping there isn't a large bloodstain on grandma's couch, waiting to be discovered under the blanket. 

I bring a wet rag with me on my return, and mop up the bloody half-foot and toe-prints that tracked my path to the bathroom, wondering where they came from, as my flow hadn't appeared to be coursing down my leg with the veracity this evidence indicated.  a man in navy slacks and a blue oxford (no idea why that seemed relevant enough to share) had appeared on the couch - younger than the one I had been snuggled up with the night before - who watched me in a way that made me slightly uncomfortable as I mopped my way across the floor on my hands and knees.  having returned to the bathroom to clean the rag, I went to inspect the couch cushions, sparing a slightly annoyed glance for the strange man.  I mumbled "excuse me" as I pushed the blankets aside to scrub at the small, light smear of red that thankfully came up readily off the pearl-colored fabric.  the man had stood while I scrubbed the cushion, and as I folded the blanket, he came close and told me I was beautiful, those dark eyes of his on me like a devouring. 

"oh yeah?"  I replied, while glancing towards where Grandma and the two children had been asleep - only to see they were gone, now.  I sat down in the center of the couch, trying to puzzle out where I was and why I was here, and he sat down next to me, draping an arm across the back of the couch, and began to play his fingers across my right shoulder, and up the side of my neck.  I turned my head to the right as I felt him touch me, then turned to look back at him on my left, just as he leaned in to kiss my left shoulder, right where it curves into my neck.  instinctively, I drew in a breath, and rolled my head back, as I felt my upper body lift into his embrace. 

"are you Greek?" he asked me, as he drew me closer, leaning over me slightly.  "no..." I breathed, confused and excited by his advance.  "Spanish?" he asked, as he maneuvered himself over me, and pressed his body into mine.  "no..." I shook my head and wondered just what the hell was going on here, because I somehow knew that I wasn't supposed to resist - that I was supposed to wait for my man of the night before to come and 'save' me.  the younger man on top of me was kissing me, running his hands over my body, and generally indicating that he was getting very excited.  I was getting excited, too - excited at his attentions, to be sure, but more so at knowing that at any minute, this guy was going to come up against someone who considered me 'his' prized possession, who would deal with the interloper accordingly.  my allowing the advance gave my male companion the opportunity to get all puffed up and act like a rooster by getting in a fight over my honor, an experience I knew he would savor.  (I also couldn't help but notice that I magically knew the rules of the intricate relationship I seemed to share with my edgy gentleman.  the gift of dreams is that it sends us perfect lovers - the tragedy is that no Earthly partner can match them.) 

so here comes my man on the scene, and I react to him with my whole being as he walks straight towards us on the couch, picks the guy up off me by the back of his clothing, and tosses him...away, out of my sight range.  I don't see, he's just gone.  I'm sitting up now, on the edge of my seat, vibrating in every cell as Mr. Thing approaches, undoing his belt and his pants.  I can't get his cock in my mouth fast enough, but he only lets me have it for a minute or so, just enough to get it slick with spit before he sits beside me on the couch, leans back into the arm, and uses my hand to get himself off quickly, only coming a drop while staying hard.  I look into his eyes full of hope and desire - will he fuck me now, please?  he thinks about it, looks at me, asks if I wanted to fuck the young man who had been on top of me, and I say yes, I would have fucked him.  not for any reason than he was there, and had taken such liberty.  I can't imagine he'd have been a very good lay, but I'd have let him have me and made a good show of enjoying it.  he asks me this because he knows I found the stranger's attentions arousing, but also because hearing it arouses my lover.  (again, so interesting the level of knowledge of this relationship)  so I still really need him to fuck me, and he agrees, but as I climb on top of him and feel him sliding in, I start to wake up...oh well, isn't that the way of it?

I love the 'older, edgier gentleman' throwing the 'younger lover' out of the scene!  weird that it took place at someone's grandma's house, and that I appeared to be bleeding from somewhere.  the kids were weird, too - one of them might have been a younger version of mine, the other, an older version of one of my kid's friends.  is it strange that I feel somehow blessed to experience these sensual encounters by way of the divine?  some may say they're just dreams, and they are.  some say I dream about sex because I think about it a lot and get it never, which would also be true.  but there is a mythological poetry to making love with the divine, joining in holy communion and touching the face of the Absolute, so I'll go with that.  interpretation to follow...


  1. I love this. I have dreams like this fairly often. May I suggest paragraph and space breaks. It would make it easier to follow since I have a short screen and have to scroll down. I don't want to lose my place. Thanks.

    1. ahh - you read it! I'm so embarrassed! I'm glad you liked it, and I'm totally intrigued that you have these dreams, too... yes on the paragraph breaks, I thought a fleeting 'hmm...' when I hit publish but I let it go. coming back to reply to your comment, I thought, 'oh yes, that's right...'! thanks again ~


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