Thursday, December 6, 2012

ABC Wednesday: U is for...

ubiquitous - everywhere always.  unique - there can be only one.  unequivocal - without a doubt.  ugly - visually or morally unpleasant.  unicorn - mythical horned horse.  ukelele - small guitar. unanimous - all in agreement.  unwittingly - without intent.  unsympathetic - negatively inclined towards. Uruguay - South American country.  unsure - wavering doubt.  undine - water being.

so I have some things weighing heavily on me, and therefore little energy for much else, though I've been actively engaged in making festive as Hannukah starts Saturday night, and I plan on inviting people over at some point during the week for latkes and Suvganiyot.  on Tuesday (or Monday, who remembers at this point) I brainstormed all the U words that came to mind at once, and then went on about my attempts to get festive with all this heaviness threatening to break through and crush me.  yesterday, I realized it was Wednesday and remembered that I hadn't done anything with this post, and tried to kick some life into it by defining the words I had spontaneously erupted.  this led to a long series of self-doubting nonsense:  'I can't think of anything for U, and next is V, then W - and what about X?  what can I possibly do for X, or Z for that matter?  and Y...sigh.  why do I bother?  I've turned into one of those bloggers, haven't I?  just spewing vapid chatter out into the interwebs towards no discernible purpose, mission, or goal.  I post twice a week, for two prompts, and I go around visiting the other folks who post for the same prompts.  what Earthly good am I doing?  shouldn't I be raising awareness about some perceived evil?  should I draw attention to the disparity between what politicos say/what they do?  should I post about love and ascension every day to draw that energy into the circles I influence?  should I be afraid to post sexually explicit content for fear of offending the few readers I have?  maybe I should just quit.'  and so on...but here I am, on Thursday, still trying to make it work in the little time I have before the UGLY hits me right in the face again.  I have to get through this, so I will use the words listed and defined above in the formulation of a centering chant (to amuse me) to raise a shield of protection woven of hilarity and nonsense.  here goes:

love is ubiquitous in all areas of my life

my vision is unique

my commitment to my child is unequivocal

this ugliness shall pass

the Unicorn of Righteousness is on my side

he will play the Ukelele of Justice in defense of my honor

decisions in my favor will be unanimous

those who seek to do me harm unwittingly harm themselves

I must unfortunately remain unsympathetic to those who would deny me my freedoms

if I moved to Uruguay, would this still be an issue?

I am unsure as to how much will be accomplished today, but I hope for a positive outcome

I will hold an image of an undine in my mind as a device to remain calm and centered.

I guess U is mostly for Ugh right now, but it can also be for Ululation (a joyous noise).  there are just umpteen other things I'd rather be doing than going to court because my mother can't seem to figure out that she's a bit overbearing and creepy.  enough.  I was tired of it before it even started, and I can't wait for it to be over.  utterly unnecessary.  ultra uncool.  unabated unacceptability.  undeniably unappealing.


perhaps a song?  let's see what you tube has to offer:

James Galway playing Reinecke's Undine - meh.

Ravel's Ondine played by any number of amazing pianists - here's one!

a whole list of ballets, piano movements, poems, novellas, paintings, songs, etc. that came up in a search for 'undine' - but I'm out of time.  maybe I'll check in later with an Update ~

peace ♥


  1. I do hope you find more things to UPLIFT you. You have had a good voice.
    I suppose I would recommend against sexually explicit UNLESS there was a reason for it, not because I would be offended, but because others might question your wisdom.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

    1. hmm...odd response, Roger. thanks for the compliment on my voice, but I'm confused as to why sexually explicit posts would bring my wisdom into question. I'm glad you won't be offended when I do post one (not to ABC Wednesday, goodness no! that would be in poor taste), as I have one I've been working on titled simply "Warning: Explicit Content" with a list of the possibly offensive subject matter contained therein so folks can make their own judgements. then the only question will be - who will read it/comment? ;)

  2. I'm a new follower and don't know about your problems yet but I have one big ugly in my life. So I was very pleased to read how you were able to turn the words around into uplifting affirmations. I have need of this in my life right now.

    Regarding your self-flagellation on writing your blog. I've been going thru this for several months. I'm tired of posting to someone else's meme in order to get people to visit my blog. I say, write what you want.

    1. my mother is a crazy-maker, and insists on being a presence in my life where she is unwelcome. it's damaging, and I hate her for it, because I was just getting over all the childhood trauma, you know? the affirmations helped keep me stable through court, but I still left there feeling like David fighting Goliath, and losing. it's not over yet, and I have to stay strong, though.

      thanks for the good vibes on being true to my writing self, Cheryl, I really appreciate it! and good luck with your 'big ugly', too!

  3. I always say, "This, too, shall pass!" and is always does. Best of luck getting through your Ugly right now! Soon you'll be able to look back and realize you've survived. In the meantime, just keep on keeping on. Looking forward to seeing you next week,

    abcw team

    1. thank you Leslie - I need the support right now. I just vented to someone who may be able to find some answers for me, though, and that helped a bit. which is good, because right now I feel as if my hands are tied, and all I wanna do is kick something...deep breaths.

  4. Well, hello, Mama Pajama! (Love the ring of that :) I, too, wish you luck getting through your ugly. In the mean time, thank you for carrying through with this post when I know it was lying rather heavily on your "must do" list. For one thing, I LOVED listening to Gaspard de la Nuit. I'm listening to it for the 2nd time as I write this. It had been years. I'm wondering if you are a musician. And, your double "U" words made me smile. My favourite was "ultra uncool" but "undeniably unappealing" rolled nicely under the tongue as well. Take care of you. I'll be back to see how you're doing :)

    1. what a beautiful piece! I'd never heard of it before, and I was amazed at the skill required to pull it off neatly...I can't call myself a musician, because I don't really make music, but I studied piano all through school, and flute from the fourth grade on. I can read music, and remember some recital pieces, but that's all. thanks for your visit, and the kind words!

  5. Well, I was thinking you were thinking sexually explicit for ABCW, and that's not the nature of that particular beast. If you write sexually explicit stuff here, or elsewhere, and it's not linked to ABCW, that's cool.

    1. no no no...I have more sense than that, thankfully! I probably should have mentioned that I wouldn't link it to ABCW, it would've avoided any misunderstanding - I knew you wouldn't care otherwise. and thanks for stopping back in to respond, I appreciate the feedback!

  6. Wonderful U post. I think we all feel like that from time to time.

    1. thanks, Kara - it's always nice to hear that I'm not alone, even though I know we all have our days!


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