Sunday, September 23, 2012

sexy search terms

while it shouldn't come as a shock to me that sex sells, sometimes I guess I need to be reminded just how much it goes for.  I did the keyboard post for love or money, but I forget, I'm kidding, I did it because I felt like posting something, and I wanted it to be somehow other than my usual style, so I thought I'd share some pretty things on which to piggy back the idea I borrowed (totally copied?) from the 'woman whose exploits I vaguely follow' mentioned in the highlighted post.  I'll give you the short recap:  she posts to her blog regularly, but happened to mention something about the Olympics, so her blog got an inordinate amount of hits that day.  after a convo with some friends about that, she looked up 'most popular search terms' or some such, and decided to post a picture of a cat, and a woman's ass in a half-joking attempt at becoming a kindle millionaire overnight.  her number of hits quadrupled, and she had made her point well - though I don't know if she sold any of her books as a result, even one would have been a win in my opinion.

the most popular posts in my blog's history (1st, 2nd, 3rd) involve a drama over people thinking I was going to attempt suicide, a post about getting home from residency that had a bunch of links to VT businesses, and a post about my connection to my higher spirit and a particular meditation that also had a bunch of links.  so I thought I'd try the same tack in a slightly different way, to see if the device would work here, simply by putting the word 'porn' in the title of a post.  is it a dishonest thing to do?  maybe.  I'm not sure yet.  I did a similar search for 'most popular' terms and came up with the same results; people tend to check their email, facebook, and youtube most often, and then they look at 'adult websites' - what I like to call pornography.  I find that word's very suggestive, yet leaves itself open to interpretation.  which is the essence of flirtatious to me, because it facilitates the need for definition and therefore conversation about the differences between what one considers enticing, and what crosses the line into the grotesque - the result of which leaves the people involved in the discussion with a good idea of weather or not they'd like to experience sharing the pleasure with any of the people they've been discussing it with.  but that could just be me, because I really enjoy sex as a sacred act.

if you looked at my bookmarks, you would find links to facebook, my blog, my email, youtube, Free Will astrology (love that guy!), and the weather channel.  I look up pornography on the internet, too, just not as often as I look at wikipedia or a dictionary - but isn't that one of those things open to interpretation?  once a week, twice a week, once every two weeks?  once a month, more or less?  when I'm in the mood...I'm sure some of you are thinking 'Oh, my gOd!  I Never look at pornOGraphy!', and some of you are shrugging your shoulders and thinking 'yeah, so?'  keep in mind, I'm single - if I lived with a guy, or even had a guy to have sex with regularly, I might not look at porn at all, who's to say...  I also write some pretty intense (well, for me...) erotic fiction, and I was thinking of putting some up on here...what do you think?  I don't even know who I'm talking to (which is kind of crazy and just like asking myself), so if you're out there and reading this, leave me a comment and let me know if you would be interested in reading any of my kinky sex fiction, or how often you engage with pornography!  : )

more photos & images are always good, no?

and y'all look up/are into some weird shit...*_*

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