Thursday, September 13, 2012

ABC Wednesday: I is for...


this sign has been in my life a long's traveled with me and hung on my wall since the early '90's, though it lived in the basement of my parents' house for most of my childhood, and I may have a vague memory of the day it came home with us.

As a kid, I went to sleep-away camp in the Catskill region of New York, near the area where my grandparents had a small cabin.  I remember being up there one summer, with my grandparents, by the lake where the summer camp took us water-skiing, and my grandfather saying how the building and property had belonged to one of his brothers or cousins or someone, and looking around the abandoned building and grounds with him. we found this sign, among other things, and took it with us -  all those years ago.
I thought I'd try this ABC Wednesday thing out, because I don't have enough to do... ; )


  1. It IS iconic. That bottle design is trademarked, and can be recognized in the dark, by feel.

    WELCOME to the group, and thanks for your comments!

    ROG, ABCW team

    1. thanks for stopping by, Roger, and for the info! : )


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