Monday, January 4, 2016

Wordle 232


angels, cold, dust, dial, loss, days, gasps, slap, snare, leftremember, pause 


     left out in the cold

turn to dust

when I remember

     to dial back

          the pain

               of their loss

I am caught in

     the snare

          of days gone by

like a slap

     the gasps

cause me to


     and think

of another way

          to begin

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  1. Far from crap - a fine, sharp and highly relatable slap on the back of a poem - life is like that isn't it...but i am glad there are angels around too

    1. thanks Jae Rose - I just don't like the way it flows. it needs a bit more work, but I didn't take the time with it, just kind of slapped it down and said "done"! as always, thanks for visiting ~


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