Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Memory Jar 2015

     Tonight we decided to review our best memories from our special memory jar, a tradition we started last year (Memory Jar 2014) - here is the list of what made us happy in 2015:

meeting G
homemade chocolate truffles x 2
guests for my b-day
making a bow, arrows, and moccasins
1st stitches & removal
the boy's b-day party x 4
Writer's Festival Story Slam 
1st Glam Rock rehearsal
Glam gigs x 4
Thomas O'Malvin (new cat) x 2
In the Voice of Our Mothers writing workshop x 4
dinner @ L's
Challenger Space Center mission
planting annuals
baby plants
growing plants
magnolias, lilacs, irises, lilies, red raspberries, black raspberries, mulberries, morning glories
roasted veggies
learning the whole Hebrew Aleph-Bet
seeing Jurassic World
getting Magic cards
Pixels x 2
Inside Out
seeing a bald eagle sitting on the beaver dam
a bald eagle sitting on a tree branch 
a bald eagle on the wing
homemade pizza
chicken skewers w/peanut sauce
Will Lyttle's cartooning class
music at Bard College
roasted veggies, steak, and steamed brocolli
Shakespeare camp
 - Two Gentleman of Verona
 - Comedy of Errors
KISS gigs x 4
not-back-to-school picnic
going to the Card Vault
Ramones rehearsal
random $100 gift card
Thanksgiving @ D's
monthly game days
meeting a cool new mama friend & her family
warm chili on a cold night
watching my boy open a pile of donated gifts
hanging at G's & playing 'Rebels'
giving the kitchen a deep-clean
free book day!
1st visit to B's house
hanging @ W's 
B's b-day party x 2

     ...and even though it hasn't happened yet, I'm going to add the New Year's Eve party we'll be attending tomorrow, with some of the people whose names grace this list of happy-making memories, so I feel it's not a far stretch to consider we will have a Great time with them then, too!  Also, the Ramones gig is sure to be a knockout second weekend in January event, and I'm willing to bet it will top the list of 2016 memories next year!  I hope you all had a wonderful trip around the Sun, and that your lows weren't too low, but that you're highs were wonderfully high!  Here's to more of what's good in 2016 ~ see you next year!


  1. A full life, and with eagles in it besides!

    1. bears, too, but he didn't make the list, as he was just eating some of the trash the tourist left behind! thanks for the visit Mrs. Crotty!


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