Thursday, January 14, 2016

ABC Wednesday ~ A ~


As I'll be teaching a class on creative arts to my child's homeschool co-op for the next several weeks, I thought I'd start this round with 'Artist' - and given the recent death of one of the greats in my lifetime, I figured that artist should be the legendary David Bowie.  And why not post a song of his that starts with the letter 'A'?  So, here for your listening pleasure is Absolute Beginners...enjoy:

click the image to play along at:


  1. A wonderful choice, certainly in these days although i've rather had not seen the necessity to it ofcourse

    Have a nice abc-day / week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

    1. yes, Melody - I'd rather Mr. Bowie had stayed, but he had other incarnations to explore, so...I forgive him for leaving, sad as it is for many of us!

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    1. that he was, Carolina - that he was. thanks for visiting!

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    1. wow...fantastic, Roger! I used to be good at winning things from radio stations, too, and share many of your favorites. I discovered a serendipitous recording of the Bowie/Crosby match-up at the end of an old movie I had recorded on a VHS tape, and was pleasantly surprised that I had thought to capture it, as I'm not a fan of Christmas carols. I saw Adrian Belew's tribute, as well as so many others (Iggy Pop, Rolling Stones, Tina Turner, etc.), and my heart goes out to his beautiful wife, Iman. thanks for stopping in!

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    1. to an artist and a gentleman. he was incredibly unique, and will be sorely missed. thanks for visiting!


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