Sunday, December 20, 2015

Wordle 230


spreads  stream  scheme  crease  flood  fear  fact  lines  sweet  vicious  lure  extreme

What scheme is this,

     this flood of fear,

          this vicious lure

to forgo fact,
     and look to the extreme? 

The lines that spread

     across my brow

          crease and frown

               as my eyes stream

tears at the loss of innocence,

     and the lack of aspiration

to undertake

     the sweet truce

of unity.


  1. It is difficult for me to remain calm in the face of the lies flying around social media, and television for that matter. Your poem speaks to that angst. That loss of innocence and need for unity speak volumes. Here's to truth in 2016!

    1. agreed, Brenda - I look forward to that, as well.

  2. It is true that people seem to choose the wrong battles to fight - a harmonious world would be a much wiser aspiration...maybe one day...a heartfelt poem

  3. And thank you for standing by your truth and speaking it aloud. I really like your poem,



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