Friday, July 24, 2015

ABC Wednesday - B

Blah.  Blech.  Blargh.  Boo hoo.  Bollocks.  Bronx cheer.  Bad day.  Wish I could find some Balance, Because Bad is in my Blood.  Gonna end up another Burned-out old Bum, Begging for Bread Behind the Bar.  But let's talk about Books instead of the Bottomless Bugaboo of Bigotry, Because Books are a Beautiful, Bountiful, Blessing...

On  my shelf, one would find:

The Business of Fancydancing

by Pamela S. Booker

by Marion Zimmer  Bradley

Bury Me Standing

Before Night Falls

The Bull of Minos

by Janet Bord

by Barbara Kingsolver (also Animal Dreams)

and my good, old, Old Mr. Boston's Bartending Guide

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  1. sorry you're so BUMMED out! Hope it get BETTER!


  2. Perfect companions for lazing on a Greek beach or indeed to pass time if one were lost in a labyrinth without a skein of thread.

    1. ha! certainly...I'd like to laze on a Greek beach someday, it sounds divine!

  3. I rather fancy reading Old Mr Boston's Bar Tending Guide
    On checking I read that Old Mr Boston was a distillery in
    Boston, primarily producing Gin then various other spirits.
    Sadly it was taken over by another Distillery and sadly lost
    it's brand name.
    Old Mr Boston is also known for it's collectable bottles such as the 1953 Presidential Inaugural Bottle.

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

    1. interesting info, thanks! I think they still produce the bartender's guides yearly,'s a good read!


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