Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Stock Tuesday...

Sorry so late this week, just been busy.  Organizing from the move, work, school, just everything.  A bit too much, and I'm overwhelmed.  Not much to show, but here it is anyway - enjoy.

Petey enjoying the new views

end of year school picnic

the love of my life

Looking forward to having a minute to see what everyone else shared!  Blessed Solstice, all, welcome to Summer!


  1. So cute this love of your life!
    Happy week to you

  2. the love of your life is precious
    and petey is adorable
    humans should learn to relax the way cats do

    you're welcome about the nod to single moms for dad's day
    been a single mom since my son was 3
    he's 38 now :)

  3. It's wonderful that summer is finally here. I hope yours will be truly enjoyable. Petey and the love of your life will certainly help make it special.

  4. I just love the picture of the cat. Makes me want to take a nap...oh wait, I just woke up from one.

  5. Z looks adorable, and I love that playground - reminds me of Playworld at Lime Kiln. I wonder if that's even still there. Someone's probably decided by now that it's not up to code or something...

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