Thursday, June 9, 2011

Have I mentioned..?

Breathe In

Breathe Out

It's all going to be okay.

heart thumping too high in my chest, I hear the Death Rattle

I know that's what it is, but I can't understand why it's coming from me

It shouldn't be coming from me.

breathe in and breathe out

watch Rachel dance

is it the lightening that brings her?

and I thought I saw the Moon, maybe nearer to full, through the leaves of the trees?

I've been so flat out, and there's a bit more in the coming, the last push up over the 'okay let's set and rest here for a spell'.

then to get to some healing...

to rest my weary wounds in the woods, roll my troubled bones abed, to hear the burbled whisper of the very blood flowing through, on it's way to where, beating the heart tremulous, staring its worried blood eyes up at the valves as it passes through, wondering as a motorist might in a tunnel, "wonder how long it's been since they did any work in here?"  Questioning the structural integrity, mentally scheduling a power wash, pulling up Rachel on YouTube and listening to the snap crackle and pop of my body wanting desperately to remember how to move like a Body rather than a...a...thing, a cog, a manufactured posture - more like an instrument of joy, an expression of love, a feeling that endures.  Oh, the flow of it, where is my music?  My soft-skinned Dionysus, waiting benign in my dreams to offer that Youth, that smooth-bellied sacrilege, that one from the stories...he waits for me in eternity, will take my hand and lead me home, the 'tired child' from Malaclypse's circus, where I can slake my thirst of all desires, and be at peace.

Yes, I think it may be the lightening...

and oh, for the Love of Mardi!


  1. Wow, they move wonderfully! Wish I could do that but mine would keep moving and throw off the beat and my balance.. My tummy jiggles it doesn't dance!


    this is part of an interview with Rachel Brice about why she began belly dancing...I hope it helps to inspire you!


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