Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Stock Sunday

Last Summer, my steadily shrinking garden took a major hit in the move up here to Woodstock.  Two of my plants that I'd had for going on 20 years were laid to rest, and the above newer addition was looking pretty beaten down, but I chose to cut it back, and now there's three little babies trying to make a go of it - yay team.

The philodendron is looking well, filling out nicely with long, well-leafed trailers,  reaching all the way down to commune with Baby Alfred, the replacement for one of those 20-year plants I regretted to lose.  Also note the milk container with the carrots, black beans, and sunflowers the boy planted at school, along with the 'seed bombs' they made (seeds rolled in compost and clay dust with water).

And then, there's the constant reality of my transient lifestyle, the boxes cluttering up the place as we make ready for yet another move, hopefully the last for several years, at least, if I dare even type that out for fear that things may actually start to settle down for me a bit..!

That's how the Summer is starting out for me so far - I'm interested to see where the season takes us, and what fun things I get to see through the eyes of the others that choose to share their lazy hazy crazy days over at Around the Island!  See ya next week!


  1. I have been shedding the few houseplants that I have. We will be empty nesters in September and I am choosing to embrace it. I have been joking that I don't even want a houseplant to tie me down.

  2. I'm so glad you posted on mine -- so I came back. I looked earlier but there was no photo and I was confused (not an unusual state for me!). Glad to see your houseplants are hanging in there and that the move is underway. Hope it will be to a tranquil and healing location.

  3. There are a few philodendron in my house...the only house plants I seem to be able to keep alive! I hope your summer develops with much goodness and sweet moments to savor.

  4. I am glad some of your plants are hanging in there!! I need to start nurturing plants again! I lost all of mine I left them or gave them away when I loft NY in 2001...

    Hmmm maybe my summer project get some plants!

  5. You're a better woman than me, other than the one orchid I'm trying desperately not to kill houseplants the world over keel over dead in self-defense when they see me coming!

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  6. It`s so nice to see plants grow like that. I could only have orchids in house, everything else die.
    Happy week to you:-)


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