Sunday, May 31, 2009

Vacation Rocks!

It's true, I am on vacation! All that means, really, is that I don't have to go to work for a month. I still have a ton of stuff to do at home, which is where we will be spending the majority of our time...For starters, I am going to pick up BF at the bus station on the 2nd, in return for which, he will be enlisted to help me stain and assemble the boy's new bedroom furniture, and help paint my kitchen! And anything else I can think of..! We went up to the Adirondacks this weekend so the boy could ride a Really Useful Engine, and have 'a day out' with one of his favorite chartacters - what a blast! I ate like a pig all weekend, and didn't care a flying fig how much I weighed. That said, I do intend to spend some of my time off evaluating my eating habits, and seeing where and how I could stand to improve, as well as begin an exercise regime.

Also in the works is a trip up to the North Country to visit old friends and the boy's dad - I'm really looking forward to that! It was so nice to be up in the Adirondacks where my cell phone didn't work, and there was significantly less residual noise from the outside world. Made me miss Vermont...but we are happy to be home, nonetheless.

I'm really considering switching back to the classic template, because the time stamp thing is bothering me THAT MUCH! It really is...I'm not kidding. I posted the question on the help forum, but no one has gotten back to me on it. Yet.

I will be starting another blog, probably in July, called At the Core, which will be the work-blog. All things of interest worth sharing that go on in the life and times of our little store, please tune in!

O.k., I'm really tired from all this rest and relaxation, so I'll have to catch up on here another time. Catch ya later -

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