Sunday, May 24, 2009

3 Day Weekend!

So I guess the scale is possessed, or it was just mad at me or something, because today it only says 220lbs., but I know I didn't try to lose any weight, so I probably didn't. Must just have been on the rag, and retaining ALOT of water!

->Guys, you may want to skip ahead to the *!
Speaking of the rag, I've discovered the amazing device known as The DivaCup...ladies, this thing is amazing! Rid yourselves of the cotton rats that are harmful to both our bodies and the environment (not to mention those evil pads with 'blue cores', whatever the hell that substance is, I don't even want to know!) and step up to The DivaCup! You can do it, I know you can adapt your monthly flow to the 21 century - it's time to think about upgrading. This device was 'invented' in the 1930's, and recently 'redesigned' due to the availability of medical-grade silicon. If you want to read up on the science and such, check out their website,, and tell me what you think! I will be honest, you can't be squeamish about sticking your hand 'up in there', or about your own menstrual blood, but, come on girls, get with the program! It's your body, and given the things that we've most of us managed to push out of 'there', I think we ought to be able to brave this small change that can bring BIG change - financial, and environmental (and your houseplants will thank you for the nitrogen boost, if you can take it that far - ask me, I'll tell you how)....

Back to our regularly scheduled, when I used to weight train, our formula for figuring goal weight was 100 lbs. for 5 feet of height for women, and 5 lbs. for every inch over - which would put my 'goal' at 110 lbs.. I'm 40 yrs. old, and have had a kid, so I'll add 20 lbs., and call it 130. That puts me in line for 90 lbs. of weight loss. Wow. That's quite a bit...more than I thought, actually. If I set small goals for myself, which I think is a wise idea, say around 10 lbs. a month, I should get there in less than a year. Less than a year seems a worthy amount of time to dedicate to the goal of a healthier lifestyle, doesn't it? Again, I have all the information I need, it's just down to me actually choosing to use it. Wish me luck!

The men, the wonderful men! Do you see how I switched to the plural there? It was 'guy', now it's 'men'. I love men...the guy I am breathlessly awaiting has been oddly silent, but he's got a lot going on right now. I don't take it as anything personal. And I'm not just waiting around, either - I continue to flirt shamelessly with anyone who shows an interest, as I like to keep at least a few on deck. Hey, a girl's gotta keep her mojo mojo-ing, right? (With credit to M on that one, who I'm sure has not lost his) I gotta stay in the game! Hell, I'm only 40, I look great (if fat), I've got a great kid, a job, my own place, and a car - not looking for much more than a booty call, with the option of dinner and movie every now and then. What's not to love?

The kid is great, looking forward to vacation as much as I am. Hope I saved up enough money to spoil him just a little bit this summer...he deserves it. He really is such a good little munchkin, and I suppose some of it is just the age, but I couldn't ask for anything more - not that I would! He is perfect and wonderful, and I only hope I'm not ruining him!

Work is going o.k., A got spoken to about her disrespectful behaviors, and she's managed to rein herself in a bit, and gone back to being the lovable but dopey old lady who manages to screw up every transaction she's called upon to execute. I've handled a few complaints about her this week alone, and had to bail her out several times during various tasks, but mostly at the register. She just doesn't get it. But at least she's realized that I'm only trying to help both her and our customers...and we're down to 4 DAYS LEFT IN THE SEASON! With the holiday weekend, I get Monday off because there's no school, and I have to go in a bit late on Friday, so in my mind, I'm pretty much done anyway! I still have to work those 4 days, but 99% of the daily pressures are off - no orders to be placed or received, no reason to do much stocking or work on displays, not much going on in the way of wholesale or special orders...just toss the rotten produce, and start cleaning up! Yaay! Of course, July is a different story, but I'm SOO not there, yet - farmer's markets, painting the store, inventory and all that...not my problem for another whole month! BIG sigh of relief!

BF sent a letter asking me to pick him up at the bus station on June 2nd, and I said sure, as long as you help me out with a few things around the house when you get here, and I haven't heard from him since! Maybe the fact that I threw in a little quid pro quo angered him, and he wrote one of his stupid little ho's and asked them instead, because they'd do it for nothing, but I've been helping him try and get out from under his trouble for WAY too long now, and I'm sick of just getting more of the same from him. From now on, I'm getting for what I give! He doesn't like it? Let him figure it out himself. I've got things to do...sad to say, but he's a grown man, and I have an actual child, now, someone who needs me in a very real way. It hurts to sort-of dump him like that, and I'm sure he's mad, but enough's enough already! Time to grow up and deal... and I'm not even really dumping him, just asking that he give a little back, that's all. Seems fair to me...

Anything else? I guess that pretty much covers it, for now. Must not squander the 3-day weekend by actually relaxing and taking it easy - need to get out and do, while I have the chance! Need some home improvement supplies so I can hit the ground running when June rolls in, and get the regular weekend-type stuff done...laundry, dishes, housekeeping, et al. Fair thee well, fellow bloggers, "Smile Like You Mean It"!

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  1. Let me just say that despite your warning I foolishly read on. That was quite disturbing and falls under "things I do not need to know". But you did warn.

    Next..your welcome.

    I think you are correct in thinking that you give what you get. A relationship, at any level takes two. And you have a son who needs to have a proper adult models to shape his beliefs. Him seeing mom giving and not getting would teach him wrong. Your # 1 job is that child. Sorry, thats how it works. And his best interrest take precedence over EVERYTHING. You, friends, men, family, etc.. until is grown up and out on his own. I am proud to hear you thinking straight.
    As for you, I think that your awesome and if I lived nearer I would flirt shamelessly with you. You make me laugh. I need that in my life. But since iys from afar, I am very glad to have your friendship back in my life.


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