Monday, September 3, 2018


driving to Newark in the pouring rain.

hauling my aging mom and teen through Newark after not having traveled overseas for 20 years.

this nonsense:

on the way to the gate.  what the..?

had these weird faux brick breakaway walls with reprinted vintage pics and bad fake graffiti. 

found among the hollow displays of shot glasses t-shirts and mugs - dark chocolate with pop rocks?  sure, I'm in!

some pretty tasty albums, actually...

worst.  airline.  experience.  ever.

and I've done a good amount of traveling.

I have some negative words to say about United.

but we got there, and we made it to Tel Aviv to regroup.

at the Artplus, about which I have positive things to say.

then off to the kibbutz:

old tractor park

Tabor Oak

my dad's headstone

eitzim (olives) & carob growing next to each other in the cemetery

the tower marks the site of the original camp, Ayal.

the new front gate

these folks... 😊

Beit Keshet is Home.  it was So good to be there.

 we drove out to Tzippori one morning:

a mosaic stating 'enjoy life' by the toilet

the 'Mona Lisa of the Galilee' as they call her.  I think she's Ariadne, seeing as how it's a mosaic depicting Dionysus' life, including a scene of their 'marriage'

pretty fancy floor.  the white space with the black corner indicates where the couch goes




from the tower

these are the grapes that grow over the porch of 'Dionysus House'

that's Dionysus' front porch, where his grapes grow over his terrace

a pomegranate amongst the sabra fruit

look at all that cactus, and all that fruit!

they're like dinosaurs...

but look, a baby!
household bath


mosaic everywhere - wonder what this says?

Roman road with chariot-wheel ruts in it (caution: slippery) and mosaic galleries on either sides, most likely for market stalls

and some of the mosaics the place is famous for:

the 'Orpheus Mosaic'

hang in there, this is only the first few days of the trip.  there's plenty more to come!


  1. Wow, amazing photos! Thank you! I will probably never get to go as my family ancestors were not from Israel but Prussian and Hungarian and something else on my dad's side.

    1. you don't have to be From there to Go there..! it's worth the trip, though, I can attest to that. glad you enjoyed the pics!


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