Monday, June 18, 2012

Inspiration in Action (Saint's)

I wrote this a year ago, which means the original post I am referring back to is over 2 years old, at this point.  Time to get back to it ~ 

Relating back to a previous post - holy crap it's been a year, almost to the day! - I've had my mind on this project lately.  I felt like doing some work on it, and then realized that I packed all that stuff up already (figures), and maybe I should flesh out the stories I conjured with a few lines back when..?  And where was it that I had done that, written that down?  Was it in my journal or on the blog?  Goodness, I think it was on the blog, why yes it was, here it is, with pictures!  How nice, now I can move it along to the next stage, good, good, good.  And I believe the Move will start in the next few days, as well, gonna happen slow and easy, nice and smooth as well...all the pieces falling into place just so, and I'm sailing that vessel, that small, solid Lookfar of my own story, feeling it swim it's way over the tides and times, too obscure to expect recognition, world-renowned nonetheless.

M. Citron LeSurfactant, Knight of the Rosy Toilet - Patron Saint of Domestic Order, unclutterer of corners, scourge of the dust bunny, charmed by Giggles' eco-minimalist tree-habitat, father of her 5 children

Giggles, Demigoddess of Folly - a sprite of the forest whose laughter falls like joy upon the heart, her playful spirit comes to those wistful for freedom and adventure, known to bestow gifts on single parents, daughter of Veggicus and Betty, her heart was won by M. leSurfactant's impeccably cozy shabby chic interiors and his noble deeds of stain removal, mother of S-n-S, leFrog, Sam & Minty

Veggicus, High Priest of Health and Wellness

Betty, Goddess of Wisdom

Spic-n-Span, the Conjoined Twins of Peace and Harmony

leFrog, Pope of the Ludicrous

Psychotropic Sam - yeah, that...

Dementia - know for her discontent and self-loathing requiring the employ of lavish gifts, ego-stroking, and undivided attention to successfully dispel her sour aura.

So, M. LeSurfactant, I'll start with you - who are you?  Where were you born, who brought you into being, who raised you where?  Were you a precocious child? A born leader?  Did you crack jokes in class, get beat up on the playground, do well with the ladies?  When did you discover your talent, how do you use it, and what led you on your journey of self-discovery?  I want to know how you met Giggles, what your first impressions of her were, and how you fell in love.  I want to know what you will do when all the kids are grown, and moved out of the tree-habitat - how will you redefine yourself then?

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