Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Stock Sunday - (2)4th of July!

well, here are they are, finally, and while I didn't quite get it down to 10, I really tried to keep it within reason!  we had a lot of fun at the fair, and we've had even more since then - if a thunderstorm comes through to break up the heat and humidity, maybe I'll get a chance to catch up!  come on over to Around The Island to see what other folks have been up to!

the lights, the rides!

the fireworks!

boy in orange shirt on green rocket

the carousel

money shot?

the games

slipping out the back


  1. Ooh, ah for the fireworks. Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. Looks like fun and your shot from fireworks is great. That green one looks like Northern Light sky.

  3. How fun, I love the fair. I was just thinking about all those summer reunion concerts we used to go to at the fair. Herman's Hermits, the Monkees, the Birds, the Turtles... Good times...

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  4. I love your ferris wheel and carousel shots!! so cool

  5. Oh, what fun! Our county fair is in 2 weeks. I'll only go if the humidity goes down. But your photos remind me of all the exciting parts - the rides, the fireworks, the smiles.

  6. What great shots of contrasts of light and tones. Looks as if you had a great time.

  7. Our small town fair is having fireworks tonight. I love your pics.

  8. You've got some gorgeous shots there, I especially love the fireworks, can never get too much of fireworks.

  9. Wow - I can hear the sounds of the fair in my head. What a great series! Love it.


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