Monday, March 7, 2011

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my BURNS!!!  GAaahhh....WHY must I DO these things to myself?  Whatever.  I will survive this trauma, too.  Here's the scoop:

I went to the local apothecary to find some lovely salve for my patch of hideous and painful psoriasis that has lived on my ankle for untold centuries.  They said, "Why slather something ON it, when you can correct what's causing it?"  I said, "OKAY!"  So my new friend Josh, let's call him Josh to protect his innocence, immediately put me on boatloads of vitamin D, fish oil and probiotics.  Yaay.  I felt like I had been proactive about my health, yet realized later in the evening (probably about 20 minutes after I took the first D, when the Itch began, 7 days ago) that I was still out of salve.  Damn.  A day or so later, I headed to the Co-op where my friend who gave me the salve told me she bought it.  While finding the salve, a lovely Co-op staff member talked to me about doing a mercury cleanse, and I jumped right on board (she also sold me some stinging nettle, for the Itch).  The Itch started on my left wrist, has done a tour of my entire body, and seems to have come to rest in a burning patch of red welts on my face and neck.  My eyelids and ears are swollen.  I have been treating it with boiling hot showers, and periodic cold washes throughout the days.  It continues to burn.  Fucking Ow.  I haven't tried the stinging nettles (for the itch) yet, because the nice lady said it tastes bad, and I should mix it with juice.  I happen to be out of juice at the moment.  Lame, I know.  I shall endure the burning swell - and/or get some juice tomorrow...

On a lighter note, the scary patch of oozing red psoriasis on my ankle looks better than it has in awhile, or at least it does today.  I'm hoping the vitamins are working their way into my system as the heavy metals are working their way out, and that my face will clear up like my ankle in a day or two (hopefully not seven).  Fingers crossed.  In the meantime, it's time to go steam myself again, try for some relief by sweating the toxins out by force.  I've been pounding gallons of water, throwing down fiber and roughage, meditating on meanings.  Wondering at the totality of my need to release - to flush myself so completely that I can feel remade, 42 years new.  Wondering at how I could have gotten so far knowing so little, and how much I need to learn to be able to continue on.

My foot is too swollen to fit comfortably in a shoe, my face is on fire, and new eruptions are breaking the surface of my skin as I begin to scratch, but somehow, it's all part of what's supposed to be happening right when it's supposed to happen.  So, I'll be backing up to the nice dreams I was having a few weeks ago (a few weeks already?) and talking about the interesting things I thought about while searching for meanings in my subconscious.  Stay tuned for updates on the condition of my sandpaper face/skin ~ ♥

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