Friday, March 19, 2010


All right, people, apparantly I fucked up...  The Grapevine told me that my RANTS of late have caused some stir some miles from here.  Interesting.  I feel like I try so hard to keep things anonymous, but that I didn't really see how the connection might have run (me, the conspiracy theorist).  Oops, sorry, my bad.  Spank me?  It won't be the first time my name's been thrown around the gutter of that town, sadly enough.  We all have our moments.

It's so weird, this separating of identities!  Or maybe I'm just doing it wrong, who knows.  Always, I feel wronged by, by some thing, and I write about it.  And a bunch of people get mad at me.  But a few folks, just a few, they smile. 

I don't know what not to say anymore, does it matter?  I guess it does.  We all keep each other's secrets, or we're supposed to, how does that work out for us?  Perhaps I'm the one who's betraying a friend, godawful thing...

I really am trying to do better.


  1. You have totally lost me. Whats the problem? YOur rants do not mention anyone by name. SO if people are reacting, then they must be identfying with your comments. That makes them guilty. Screw them.

  2. I am with Mark on this one! You didn't say names yes you associated loosely but who the hell cares. It was a feeling you were having and you are entitled to your feelings. You didn't blast that person by name. they should recognize your feeling were hurt and move on end of story!

  3. Thanks for backing me up, you guys! I agree with you, but felt like I should throw that out there... : )


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