Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What is that, velvet?

My alarm is about to go off, but I just wanted to tag the page, so I would know it was waiting here for me when I had a chance to get back...oop, there it is!

60 Revolutions per minute / this is my regular speed...So. Done at the Orchard, collecting unemployment, getting organized for school. A year at Goddard to knock out that project, then on to better things. It's a lot to organize, there's a big pile of it - a big, steamy, pile! Sorry, that was gross. But seriously, there's so many things to look over, to see what's relevant, to find a grip. Ah, it feels good to be! Just this time of year, when the Sun reminds me he is here, with the frozen promise of his smile, waking and shaking off December...the winter long from over, but coming out the other side of it, seeing to Spring. Francelia, with her 'did you hear the greening?'.

I've been procrastinating on my thesis proposal, because opening those files with those words in them will be like unsealing a casket, with the vacuous release of dust, as if a mummy from it's tomb...ancient and dangerous secrets, records of stillbirths, echoing down halls. To throw my mind into the shadows of that hallway, and bring out a speck of what was once worth something, a heartbeat, a life. Repairing a fence.

Getting a lot done in the meantime of avoiding it, though - nothing that would get me a degree or a job or anything, but productive nonetheless! O.k., time to face the dead...

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  1. Wow, look at that! I fixed the timestamp, AND the header! GO me!


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