Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Stock #8 - Back to Work!

So, unfortunately, this is what my summer looks like now! No more carefree meandering through woodland glens to swim in frigid mountain runoff in Vermont, no leisurely staining of furniture or afternoon movies, no sleeping in and reading in bed until my child makes ME breakfast! It's back to work, for me! The first image is our counter, piled high with 'stuff'. I can't pretend to know what most of that stuff is...looks like some cookbooks, the front door floor mats, my purse and Klean Kanteen, and a whole lot of crap!

The second image shows the center floorspace of the store with little to no floorspace. Everything is pushed into the middle of the store so the back section of floor can be painted (I didn't end up having to do THAT, either!). Looks like one big mess, huh? Guess who gets to put all the pieces back together after they've been scrubbed spotless? THAT'S right...yours truly!

Which brings us to...image the third, which is obviously the apple shelves, now empty, and ready for scrubbing clean so's I can paint them (they look great, by the way)!

Image 4 is the cider mill, also stripped down and bare for painting - there's a new layer of flat black spray paint on there, and the floor has a new coat of gray on it (thanks again, R!)

This is the rest of the cider mill - rolled out through the big garage door so the floor in the cider room can be painted.

And THIS...THIS is our NEW DONUT BAG! Yaay! Now maybe all of our customers will remember to tell their friends where they get their donuts...We took delivery on 28,000 of them, I hope they live up to our expectations!


  1. Rather a contrast between the apple storage and the counter top! Hope the painting is soon finished and your back to ship shape conditions.

  2. Looks like a fun shop! Would love to come for a visit when it's all ready. You have a child that makes you breakfast? Wow.

  3. I hope those bags bring you lots and lots of luck - and customers!
    looking forward to seeing the finished shop

  4. Mmmm, donuts... Sorry, got distracted. You can't get a decent donut here for love or money!

    Looks like you guys are really whipping the place into shape for the coming season. Won't be long now before those shelves are groaning with the late summer bounty.

  5. Hallelujah, it worked this time!

  6. Love your post. Retail nightmare, floor moves and getting it back together. Hope everything goes well. This is my first time visiting, so I took a stroll around, I'll be back.

  7. Donuts and cider sounds good to me. Must be beautiful in your area in the Fall.

  8. Guess summer doesn't mean beaches and pools to everyone! Thanks for stopping by....gonna look around here for a while.

  9. Thanks for the tour in your daily environment. I think I would like it there myself! Donuts, cider? Yum.

  10. A farm shop? I love to visit those over here....
    Cider and donuts great combination...yummy yum.

  11. Cider and donuts! You've got me thinking about cool, crisp autumns... not that we have those here, but I can dream anyway. Love your green purse, by the way.

    Thank you for coming to visit and your comment. I'll be back to see those shelves loaded with apples!


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