Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wow. Look at that! I added a picture...crazy. I added it because of Robin's Summer Stock Sunday thing, I want to figure out how to post it. What fun!

Anyway, this is a chair out on the porch of BF's house - he was home for two whole days before getting sent to the Crisis Center to wait for a bed at the local rehab. He can try again in 21 or so days...nice shot, though, I sure am gonna miss that old place!
Well, I wasn't going to do this now, but what the hell, I'm here...The boy is at Grandma's, later than she said she'd take him, too! What fun! had a good friend stop up for the night with her friend, also fun! LOVING being on vacation, having FUN! Laundry and dishes are getting done, floors are getting swept, food is getting cooked...things are getting put away, corners are emptying. We've been to Home Depot. I'm gearing up to stain the boy's new furniture - it looked like I was going to have some help there, for a minute, with the BF home, but it didn't last. He says I should wait the few weeks, I say I can get it done before he gets back!

The guy I had been gushing about seems to have cooled off considerably, I have been relatively too busy to send him much of anything myself, so I don't think a thing of it. I think it will be much better when he is actually here, in the states, so we can get together and say hey...Now what's up the rest of the boys out there? 3 that call, not bad, but I'm still not going out on any dates! There's even another one come out of the woodwork I could work on...Boys. There are those who would say, I should focus on the relative goodness and joy thinking about a fulfilling relationship would give me, and the fulfilling relationship will respond to my thinking about said goodness and joy.

Weeded the garden, thinking about moving the annuals around a bit...The boy is awesome, having a good vacation as well, but I think he should have a little friend or two to play with every now and then...Well, rather than sit here and look forward to getting stuff done around the house, I should go get stuff done around the house! Updates as progress ensues!


  1. I have plenty of womaen who I`m friendly with at work. I talk to a couple on the phone (inc. you!) but no dates. I feel you there.
    There is no controlling these things. When things happen they happen. Your an awesome person and I love talking with you, your laugh just lights me up, one of the nicest sounds I hear. I dont think you have much to worry about.

  2. What beautiful flowers, a great choice for Summer Stock (and I am suitably impressed that you joined in).

    I gotta say though, you definitely need to get out more if your idea of a great vacation is getting the dishes done! The guy you were gushing over is probably flaking out and getting his priorities all twisted, considering his current location. Mr. Right (or perhaps Misters Right Now) will come along soon, I'm sure of it.

    PS This week's edition of Summer Stock starts tonight - come on, you know you wanna...

    Summer Stock Sunday is up and running - come join the fun!

  3. Is that rusty thing use to be a milk container? Please, leave the mop for a day! It is summer out there - hot - skin is showing up out there. Report if you have a find! We'll check often :)

  4. Nice photo, the flowers are looking pretty.

  5. What a pretty little spot on the porch.

  6. I love using unexpected objects as planters

  7. Beautiful Summer Stock pic, Mama Pajama! :)

  8. I never would have thought to use a chair like that as a plant holder, but wow!-that looks REALLY nice! I've been trying to think of some decorations for my front porch and I think this might just be it!!!

  9. What a lovely composed image! This sure says summer to my country heart.
    Love the name Mama Pajama!

  10. What a lovely photo. I hope you post more pictures that is so summer days at a cottage with a cup of ice tea on the porch swing . Thank you for sharing .


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