Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey, wow, look at that!

I just discovered my new Crackberry has both b&w AND sepia settings! Oooooh! As cool as that may be, we all know how I feel about digital imaging masquerading as photography, and anyone who can't tell the difference between the two is welcome to join me in the darkroom one day, and I will be happy to enlighten you...Forgive my snobbery, but I spent a good chunk of change putting myself through art school to earn a degree in the field, just to see it degraded by every hack with a camera-phone! Rant over.

This digital image was taken from the same spot as my previous 'share', just in the opposite direction. It's the field behind BF's soon-to-be ex-house. I've spent many sunny summer days and long lazy nights staring out over the relative peace and quiet of this view from the back porch, and I snapped off a few shots with the camera-phone before I never get to see it again. My fear is that the house, barn and land will be sold to some heartless developer with dollar $ign$ in his eyes, who will split the 10-acres up into mini McMansion plots, effectively removing one of the last standing old-time farmhouses in the area from the landscape. Sigh.

It's not a great shot - hell it's not even a GOOD shot, but it's all I've got this week. I've got a couple of other images I was thinking of using as well, but I can't figure out how to get them into the middle of the post, rather than on top of the one that's already there...

Whoa, I did it! I'm a friggin' genius....Anyway, this is MY yard, with all of our fruit and veggie sprouts lined up on the porch, and the hostas exploding in the background...My little patch of annuals is tucked in amongst the hostas, but it was overcast and rainy, so they look all squished just now. Maybe I can get a shot of them looking all perky and proud next week. One more -

There he is! That's my boy - his Saba's (grandfather's) grandson, driving that tractor! Could he BE any happier? -mama gushes with pride-

That's all for now, will catch up another time. Happy days to all!


  1. Yup, I'm thinking Saba would be all puffed up and fit to burst right about now. And I'm impressed with your porch - your plants look a whole lot less dead than mine!

    PS Found a big box of old photos when I was clearing out M's room yesterday - my folks must have brought them over some time. It was still sealed from back in hs. I found a hysterical youth group yearbook picture of your brother and I. (And your letter to me in the same yearbook - that one I'm going to have to e-mail you in its entirety, what a scream.)

  2. Thank you dear, glad someone can relate to the Saba thing, and yes, he certainly would! Hell, he'd be right on there with the boy if there was a way...Some of my houseplants are actually 15+ years old! Can you believe that, with all the moving around I've done? My mom and her grandma are/were the cooks in the family, my grandma and I were/are the gardeners - funny how that works!

    A photo of you and my bro? GOTTA see THAT! And the letter! I don't even remember a youth group yearbook..!

  3. I hope the field behind your house will somehow escape the developers. Your question on my blog and your little rant made me smile - I was trained on film, like you. And I grumbled for many years about the changes. I still have all my cameras from super-8 to 6x6 but I have to say I wouldn't have the time to develop anything if I used film as I used to do. So, what you saw is a digital image. But in the end it's still me who is taking the image - with all that I've learned in film school and thereafter -

  4. P.S. - which is not to mean that I don't fully understand your sentiments!

  5. I see in your response to Robin that you have had some houseplants for 15 years - amazing!
    It doesn't seem to matter where you live - development happens where we'd least like to see it. Here's hoping the land goes to someone who can appreciate it as much as you.


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