Saturday, February 27, 2021

man crush

never having aged

          except in my bones

I want to do it


like teenagers

in an alley

          after the show

behind a dumpster

my stockings rip

as your hands clutch


at my thigh

god how I want him - want to get him alone, so I can seduce him into long kisses, groping at each other up against the car in the parking lot.  moaning hard into each other's mouths, sucking each other's air in with our breath on necks in the dark, the desperation of our advancing age forcing us to hurry, get it all in while we can - like teens holding off their parents call that it's time to come in.  can't sleep for thoughts of him - infatuation runs deep.

I want to run with you
                            fast as we can
            to nowhere
holding hands
laughing       screaming
with joy
at the thrill of being alive
with nothing else to do
but feel each other rising
in a world of possibility 

your electric skin
beneath my fingers
discovering worlds in our eyes
in the ocean
pressing against
my flesh
from inside
your lips
our hair
in the wind

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