Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sunday Whirl - Wordle 343

haven't done this in awhile, thought it might be nice to throw down: 
heap wild cajole means wolf practice small kind cringe close called blight

my Teen Wolf, as I like to call him, is wild over the blight known to him as 'English homework', in the form of what's called an 'Article of the Week', for which he has to read an article, summarize it, and write what he thinks about the issue addressed.  this small practice, I've explained to him time and again, will be of immense help to him when he enters high school, and is required to write full-on research papers and personal essays.  writing is Not his forte (go figure), and he asked for help with this one, which means I have to cajole him with every kind fiber of my being (not many) to get through this cringe-worthy exercise in pulling sentence after sentence out of a reluctant student.  it takes heaps of calm not to rise to his arguments, or attempts to side-line the activity with various distractions.  we've been at it for over two hours, and I hope we're getting close to being done, as I'm about out of patience for the activity myself!

click on the link below for directions on how to participate, and once there, click on 'Home' for this week's wordle, which is also posted above ~

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