Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Memory Jar 2017

well, here we are again!  another New Year, another Memory Jar post (my teen and I started this tradition in 2014, and posted our first list in February of 2015).  it was a rough year - for many people, not just us - and as a result, I feel like our jar was a bit lacking in fun memories this time around, but we made the effort to recognize, and that's what matters.  of course, the teen (being a teen) was much less enthused with both filling the jar, and reading the memories out loud to each other, as has become our yearly tradition, but I made him take part anyway.  maybe he'll thank me someday, maybe he won't.  either way, I like the idea of it, so it will be continued as long as he lives here with me, so there.  every now and then, it's good to be the Queen, even though having jurisdiction over the household traditions really counts for very little in the grander scheme.  whatever, I'll take it where I get it!

Our Good Memories of 2017

Teen Wolf:
Magic the Gathering Draft Tournament
trip to Mystic Seaport, CT with best friend's family
13th birthday party
Bar Mitzvah & after-party
defeating the Zelda video game
getting a (toy) drone
FUNSPOT! (largest arcade in the world)
Magic the Gathering workshop @ Olive Library
going to New Hampshire (to visit Funspot)
Jethro Tull gig
getting a refurbished laptop from a friend
sleepovers with G
Robot 'camp'
heavy metal rehearsal!
that time we picked a point on the map to explore and ended up at a post office
the alphabet (?)
W's New Year's party (2017)

picnic w/the W's
Teen Wolf's Bar Mitzvah!
Teen Wolf's 13th sleepover
Jethro Tull gigs
Wonder Woman movie w/W & R
48th birthday henna, & going dancing w/friends (who bought me drinks)
Summer Solstice bald eagle by the river with L in the morning, fox on the ride home at night
Ike Willis show @ BSP
NYE ('17) w/W's
taking the teen on a mini-vacation to Weir's Beach, NH
my new-to-me bed
new dress and skirt
joking around and being goofy with the teen
Haunted House/Nosferatu/Rocky Horror Halloween show
being in a place where we can help others
laughing over sound effects: “it's like a whooo-ooo-oo” “you mean like this - kaRAKAKAKAKAKAA!” “uh...no.”
complimentary dinner at a local restaurant, decorated by a local artist we like
finally inheriting my grandmother's Bedouin collection
tying balloons on the cats for the teen for his birthday - hilarity ensued
laughing really hard at ridiculous things we make up when we're in a silly mood
Rosendale Street Fair

things that didn't make the jar, but should have:
Teen Wolf:  Magic the Gathering Ixalan Draft 1 & 2, joining the wrestling team, Big 4 of American Metal shows, Star Wars The Last Jedi, new-to-him iphone, hanging w/A
me:  both 'Big 4 of American Metal' gigs (SO much fun!), Star Wars!, Hannukah and winter Solstice gatherings, NYE ('18) w/N family.

Happy New Year, all ~ here's to a wonderful 2018!

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