Saturday, January 7, 2017

Memory Jar 2016

the tradition we began in 2014 continues here – a list of things that made us happy over the past year, which we wrote on slips of paper, and put in a jar to share together on New Year's Eve.

the boy's list:
experiencing virtual reality
sleepover with G and A
having A and G over
having G & A over for b-day sleepover
sleepover at A's house
sleepover with G
Zoom Flume (w/G & A)
Ms. A's party/food
Beltane party
being a part of the haunted house at Woodstock Music Lab
Ramones and more Ramones x 2 (playing in a Rock Academy show)
Maiden vs. Priest Running Free EPICNESS (Rock Acadermy)
Iron Maiden vs. Judas Priest x 2 (RA)
seeing The Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Woodstock Music Lab
seeing Hedwig and the Angry Inch
first visit to the United Nations
robotics x 4 (learning to solder circuit-boards to program robots he built)
LIFE x 2
T! (Dad)
punkador haircut
Magic Tournament x 6
winning 1st in the Magic Tourney
building an epic Magic deck
cool Magic card
10 mythic rare Magic cards
getting a tablet (at the end of last year)
tablet case
mom's b-day
Spanish rice
Dungeons & Dragons
Z-ish (an old friend of mine-ish)
Nahiri (his kitten)
shrimp (riffing on the 'shrimp' theme from the movie Forest Gump)
last night of Hannukah/New Year's @ W's
*swimming and having dinner at the house of a person who no longer makes us happy to mention x 6

my list:
Maiden/Priest! (so much fun) x 2
Ramones x 2!
Hedwig vs. Rocky Horror!
PORCELAIN HELMET! (adorable local boys' metal band)
hearing my child laugh
trimming the plants for Spring
Nahiri-face! Meow
smiley heart
New Year's with the former co-op crew
my 47th b-day party (I think we hosted a game day?)
the boy's b-day sleepover
the boy's b-day game day
April Game Day
Beltane w/the former co-op crew
4th of July weekend with Z, Y, B and W
Thanks-taking day of rest
Pizza and meatball epic sleepover party
perfect moment stretched out on the rug in front of the season's first fire with the kid and the cat
having friends who have us over for dinner
finally getting the car inspected
first paycheck from the new job
last night of Hannukah/New Year's @ W's
*our weekly dinner with the person who did me wrong '16

things we thought it was weird we didn't add to the jar, and mentioned after:
him - Billy Joel (playing at Levon's Barn), cuddling with kitties, playing in the snow, Hannukah, learning algebra, getting a new tv, Star Wars 3.5, sleepover with the W kids and watching Invader Zim.

Me - Billy Joel, Yenteprise (new-to-us car), alone time, Hannukah, new laptop, baking Rosh Hashanah Challah.

It seems our list grows every year, and we learn to be more grateful and notice the things that are important to us closely. Sometimes, when we're lucky, they notice us, too. With thanks to the friends that appear in this list year after year, and to the new ones we will make in the coming year – here's to a great 2017, and hopes for all the strength we need to get through whatever comes our ways! Love ~

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