Sunday, March 3, 2013

wordle 98


hello again...haven't been by the wordle in a while, but remembered it was Sunday, so I stopped in to see.  since the words were lifted from Sherman Alexie, who is one of my favorite writers, I figured it was a moment I should embrace.

first instant snare ride gasps dust slap blue unbalance deserves wings blessed

the vibration   increases   in intensity

snared   in that first instant

when the dust from the ride envelopes you   in a cloud of haze

that has you


          til you're blue

entering   unbalanced and giddy

this blessed gathering

reminding me   how we deserve   our wings

just a short little nothing to dip my toes back in, get some momentum going.  hope everyone out in wordle-land is fine and fabulous, and I look forward to reading your pieces!


  1. My thought was a first camel or elephant ride. A fun use of the words.

    My short verse is here:

    My story verse also continues. It is in Mr.Linky :)

    Glad you are back. I don't always get to read everyone every week.

    1. thanks Jules, I look forward to catching up with your story!

  2. Affirming...yes we do! I'm glad you joined in.

  3. Mama, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, much appreciated. I, too, had not done the Wordle for awhile, and I'm glad I gave it a shot, especially because Lex and I both love Alexie, too. That single phrase, "This blessed gathering," pleased me no end. I took a different tack, hope you like it. Great work! Amy

    1. thank you, Amy! I look forward to reading what you came up with - your writing is always such a revelation...

  4. That exhilarated gasp was the key to this evocative piece of writing.

    1. now that you mention it, it really is, isn't it? thanks for visiting!

  5. Often, when I write, I feel that I have wings and secretly feel sorry for those who don't. That's what your poem brought to mind. Thank you,


  6. it reads so nicely, with rhythm,
    forcing ebbs and flows,
    such as:
    entering unbalanced and giddy
    reminding me how we deserve our wings

    very nice.


  7. Glad to see you back! At first I was thinking a motorcycle ride, but really like the ending "how we deserve
    our wings".

    1. it was a ride, but the one I was thinking of was in a car. it was more the destination - a large 'family' gathering where the main event is an 'Om' circle for global peace. the best kind!


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