Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday Whirl #83

I am sorry for the fire

sorry for the pawn they made you

because you didn't belong

I am sorry for the silent ways

               in which

you were made to feel wrong

yet I feel such pride

                         in the life

you managed to find

full of beauty

                    and faces

unblemished by fire

how you managed to bust free

                    and unless I am mistaken

you did most of it for me


  1. Mama Pajama, this is a gorgeous poem of affirmation.


  2. Replies
    1. yes, a bit sad, perhaps...but thankful. thanks for stopping in!

  3. Awww... to know such sorrow and yet turn it into something so powerful and so loving and thankful. Beautiful. Lovely poem.

  4. Even though this poem is suffused with sorrow, it has as certain lightness about it, probably because of its brevity and skillful use of language.

    Another Whirl with Simon

  5. I feel the sadness in the beginning of your poem, but I feel the hope at the end, the escaping from a situation that wasn't very good.

  6. Wistful and yearning - a wonderful piece.

  7. love this..
    the last line sums it all up so well

  8. What a lovely poem about care ... loved it !!!

  9. Lovely wordle. Sleek and sincere. Thanks for visiting me.

    1. my pleasure, and thanks for the kind words, and return visit!

  10. You remind me that some help us more than others. While I never did think of myself as my parents 'favorite' - especially in the case of my father - it is to him that I believe I owe my love of writing. I only wish I saw more of his, and that he saw more of mine...

    Thank you.

    Thanks for visiting both of my wordles for 84. I wish for you now in friendship the sister you did not have then...

    1. thanks, Jules, that's a lovely wish - and thanks for your visit!


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