Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sephardic Music Festival Story Slam!

Yay!  Look at that!  A poster with my name on it...truth is, I'm nervous as hell, because I got into this thing like I get into everything - in an offhand, tossed-off kind of way.  'Oh, I think I'll send in that short piece I wrote'.  'Oh, they invited me to come read?'  'Oh, it's a storytelling competition, and I have to not only memorize my piece, I have to perform it..?'  Oh...  Well, now I know.  I wish I had more time to prepare, but that's not the story of my life.  I got kicked out of more clubs than I joined in high school, and I was trying to remember if I've performed out before, because I know I rehearsed for a few plays I was never actually in, for not remembering my lines.  Or wouldn't, maybe, because I simply had no desire to be on stage.  I remember reading in Dan Masterson's poetry class, and on the Semester at Sea ship, but that's it.  I must have sort-of spoken at some point at Goddard, but I have no clear memories of anything other that my level 8 presentation (oh, wait, now I'm remembering some horribly butchered attempts at acting in a few short plays, as well...blech).  I read a piece at a workshop at Goddard last semester, another on the end of semester Skype conference call, and will read at my presentation in the Spring.  This is a storytelling performance in NYC at the Sephardic Music Festival, though.  Feels serious.  Professional.  A bit over my head, out of my league...  It's alright, even though I feel totally unprepared, I am going to follow through and do this thing, for better or worse.  It's like jumping in with both feet just before wondering, 'can I swim?'  At least I'll know, for the next time...

: )

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