Sunday, January 23, 2011


     Great day in the morning...there is a blue, star-shaped blob hovering it's reflection just at the top right corner in the field of my vision.  There are several blue twirly-things hanging from the ceiling, and the apartment is so clean!  It feels 120% better in here.  The Sun has settled into my constellation and is blasting brightly through my freshly washed windows, bouncing off a hillside of snow and back up to the clouds in the ice blue sky... I'm tripping out on the sunshine.  Saving up for a rainy day, when I get so low, and I just want to dance in the sun.  All in all, it's been a great birthday weekend, and I did what I wanted to do, which was clean my house, have good conversation, some laughs, and lots of yummy food with good friends.  It was delightful, and a wonderful way to start out my new year.
     I unpacked the last of the moving boxes, and while I didn't quite finish putting everything away, or scrubbing the bathtub, I would say I'm done with the majority of what I felt I needed to do in order to invite folks over to say, "I'm officially moved in, let's celebrate."  There's still the art to hang on the walls, and the aforementioned scrubbing of the bathtub to be done, but just to have rid myself of the countless years worth of grime from my environment - to have vacuumed the accumulation of decades of shoes from the cracks in the floorboards - has lifted a pallor from the space itself, opening the energy and allowing it flow through unhindered, amplifying the effects of the sunshine...  I feel much more at home now, like I can go back to dealing with the orders of the day, get to work on upcoming science fair projects (I'm so excited - our first science fair!), and plan our next birthday party (the boy's).
     I still need to finish up my schoolwork from last semester - I managed to finagle an extension, which I seriously needed given the challenges I chose to face - but this is the service station beyond the end of the line for me with this, so while there's not much left to pull together, the pressure is still measurable.  I need a job.  That point is the thorn in my side these past few months, and the most significant of my worries at present.  A regular paycheck would do wonders for my psychic state, which is begging to be allowed to perform a striptease from the woolen clown suit in which it's been swimming (with a nod to Rob Breszny).  Nevertheless - the lightening of my environment by its subsequent cleanliness, paired with the positive vibes from a visit with harmonious spirits engaged in loving acts, lends itself to an end-of-weekend morning, lazing in the rays of the Great Solar Charger, eating leftover party goodness in the Zen-ish calm.
     My ears continue to ring, the skin infection on my ankle remains troublesome, and my love-life exists only in my fantasies, but my boy is a blessing, we are both in good health, 42 is a sacred number, and I'm willing to see what there is to learn...


  1. It's wonderful to hear you feeling so much lighter, your inner glow is shining brightly through every word.

    Onwards and upwards my friend.


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  2. (from MP, via facebook)
    There is nothing quite like the feeling of dumping YEARS of accumulated crap to make you feel as though you're living in a totally new, free environment.

    I once destroyed about ten years of shit drawings. It was the most liberating experien...ce I'd had in decades. Each of those drawings was part of the journey of ten-thousand bad drawings that everyone who puts marking tool to surface goes through. They were necessary, but having been executed, they served their purpose and were nothing more now than an anchor attached to my ass.

    Congrats on accomplishing something on your birthday. Jack Lalanne used to do one impossible feat of strength on his birthday (one year, he towed a train. Another year, he physically prevented an airplane from taking off by holding it in place. That sort of thing). Your efforts are, I think, in the same vein.

    Well done!

  3. Miriam, reading this I see a glimpse of the spirit I have always felt shinning from you returning once again.

    I love this, "All I want to do is dance in the Sun!" Makes me think of us at Rainbow in Central Park! And it makes me smile!

    I only hope my 44 starts to feel as comfortable and calm as you 42! Maybe I need to finish unpacking and cleaning my new space as well! thank You for enriching my life.



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